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UK 2012 Preaching Trip

Gavin Peacock

I am arriving in the UK on July 19th for a three week speaking/ preaching trip. My ministry will be a combination of preaching in church, men's events, youth events and men's prisons. With the advent of the Olympics to the UK there has been a concerted effort by many churches across denominations to come together and use this opportunity for gospel outreach. My hope is that the biblical gospel is proclaimed clearly, and the unique message that the church is commissioned to take to the world is not sidelined by the events themselves. With the best intentions in these occasions we can sometimes emphasize unity, social justice and mercy ministries and not tell the gospel. However, it is the gospel that is the power of God for salvation to all the nations.

The Gospel message is explicit; It's the good news of a holy God who, in love, intervenes in history to save sinful and hopeless mankind by sending his son, Jesus Christ who willingly satisfies the justice his holiness demands on the cross by making propitiation to His Father for sin. On the cross Christ shows God as a righteous Judge, having dealt with our sin against him. Simultaneously, as a substitute providing forgiveness and righteousness and all the new covenant blessings for those who would repent and believe in him, Christ shows the grace of God. In this way God can be both just and the justifier of those who would have faith in Christ. The resurrection of Christ is the vindication of who he is and what he did. This is the heart of the Gospel from which, by union with Christ through faith, we are adopted into a right everlasting relationship with our Father - now children of God and heirs freed from guilt, bondage to sin and Satan.

It's an exclusive message because Christ is the only way, and it is an inclusive message because it is free for anyone who will call upon the name of Christ. It's an offensive message to many but it's good news for those whom the Spirit gives ears to hear.

My church, Calvary Grace (Calgary), where I am currently Home Missionary, send me out to this event. So please pray that I would boldly proclaim the Gospel in truth and love. Pray that many unbelievers would be given ears to hear. Pray that Christians would be given new affections and deeper desires as they make Christ their greatest treasure. Pray for the many Gospel partnerships that will strike up during this Olympic event. Pray that the ripple effect of these partnerships would result in fruitful missionary labor in taking the Gospel of Christ to the 2000 plus people groups who are still unreached and have not heard of him. And pray that the sovereign Lamb of God who was slain to gather a people from every tribe and language and people and nation would receive the full reward of his sufferings.

I attach a schedule below:

Saturday 21 July   - Men's Breakfast @ Jubilee Church, (Enfield, London) - 10 a.m. -12 p.m
                              - Speaking at a prayer meeting @ Brixton – 7.30 - 9.30 p.m.


Sunday 22 July     - Preach @ Beacon Church, (London) - a.m.

-       Q and A after church

                               - Preach @ Emmanuel Church, (Greenwich) - p.m.

Thursday 26 July    - Speaking @ Brixton Prison, (London) – 9.30 am- 5 p.m

Sunday 29 July     - Preach @ More Than Gold combined church service (Medway, Kent) – 11- 12.30 p.m

                               - Preach @ Kings Church (Medway, Kent) – 6.30-8.30 p.m

Friday 3 August      - Speak @Magilligan Prison (Belfast) - p.m

Saturday 4 August  - Speak @ Men's Breakfast a.m. (Ballymena) - a.m.
                                - Preach @ Youth event  (Whitewall Metropolitan Tabernacle, Belfast) - p.m.

Sunday 5 August    - Preach @ Bangor Elim (Belfast) - a.m.
                                - Preach @ Orangefield Presbyterian- p.m.