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Quit you like men!

Gavin Peacock

One of the greatest needs of our day is men of weight and substance: men of moral courage and fortitude, who will stand on God's Word against a contrary culture. We need men to act like men, not women. Let both sexes be who God gloriously made them to be in his image, male and female. Women and children will flourish in the home and church to the extent that godly men take the lead in creating the culture in which they can grow.

Men must know what biblical manhood looks like and men must step out of the comfort zone and into the risk zone for Christ and for the good of others. We need men who are not macho but mature; not sombre minded but sober minded; not driven by comfort but by conviction; not lovers of self but lovers of Christ. We need divines not dudes; who like the men of old feel the weight of God's glory upon them and carry the responsibility for leadership despite what it may personally cost. We need holy men. Hear the words of, Horatius Bonar, who lived in the way of a divine and hear the call, "Quit you like men"! (The word "quit" here bears the idea of "conduct" or "acquit").

Quit you like men.—Be men! 
In courage; not cowards, turning our back on the foe, or giving way in danger, or reproach, or evil days. 
In solidity; not shifting or shadowy, but immoveable as the rock. 
In strength. As the man is, so is his strength. Be strong! 
In wisdom. Foolishness is with childhood, wisdom with manhood. Speak and act with wisdom, as men. 
In ripeness. The faculties of men are ripe, both for thinking and working. They speak ripe words, think ripe thoughts, plan and execute ripe things. In understanding be men! 
In all things;—what you do, and what you refrain from doing, be men. Act the manly part;—let nothing effeminate, luxurious, sickly, childish, puny, little, narrow, be seen about you. Christianity makes men, not babes. Adorn the doctrine of Christ by your manliness. 
In the Church, in the world, in business, in conversation,—in prosperity and adversity,—quit you like men! Let no man despise thee; and let no man despise the Gospel because of thee.

- Christ is All: The Piety of Horatius Bonar, Eds. M. Haykin, D. Brooker, p. 105-6, Taken from The Christian Treasury, Bible Thoughts on 1 Corinthians 16:13-14, 1864.