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The Loss of Spanking is a Failure of Fatherhood

Gavin Peacock

The anti-spanking brigade are not progressing parenting they are impoverishing it. This morning I wrote an article for Christian Today on the catastrophic effects of the loss of biblical spanking and its link to fatherhood. Read it here!

Understanding the Fatherhood of God rightly, and his discipline of his children, is key to recovering biblical fatherhood. Our repugnance at spanking is often because of a wrong view of God, and often because of our own sin. We have fooled ourselves into thinking it is unloving to spank, when truthfully it is because we are unprepared to do the hard thing for the sake of our children's salvation and sanctification.

Fathers who administer wise, biblical, age-appropriate corporal discipline to their children are not anti-gospel, they are loving. They are training their children to know the character of God who hates sin and will punish sinners in Hell. And yet because of his great love and mercy he has provided a Saviour in his Son who became sin for us. Fathers like this are doing the best for their children.

Fathers must take a lead in discipline (Eph. 6:4). Not to spank our children, if needed, is unloving and unbiblical. Our first port of call is not spanking, but if proper warning and instructions are ignored, it is necessary.

For a further treatment of this subject I recommend  Andy Naselli's article.

Twitter: @GPeacock8