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Across to bears

Gavin Peacock

So its been 2 and a half years since I gave up my job with the BBC and Match of the Day and we ( me, my wife Amanda, and two children Jake and Ava) moved from the UK to Canada in order that I would study a Masters degree in theology in preparation for church ministry. Here there are more bears around than Chelsea fans! I have been a Christian since I was 18 and my story as a professional footballer and a believer in Christ has been well documented. However, it wasn't until 5 years ago that I believe the Lord called me to full time ministry. In a powerful experience whilst reading God's word I knew in an instant that this is what I must do. The church confirmed the call and gave me opportunity to preach and teach. I not only feel pleasure when I preach but I feel compelled - a joyful compulsion if you like.

This blog is intended for me to communicate to believers and non-believers out there. It will include musings, personal experiences and stories, and reflections on God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. I will engage in theological topics, current affairs, and comment on the church and mission. The biggest problem that mankind has is unrighteousness and the wrath of God which thereby rests on them. The gospel of Christ is the answer to the needs of the world. And yet the church itself in the West is marked by ungodliness, nominalism and decisionism. We need to reclaim a bigger vision of the gospel, a sure-footedness on the doctrine of sin and the atonement. We have lost knowledge of God and departed from his Word. We need to be holy and then the world will see something attractive and will smell the aroma of Christ upon us.

All things are from God and through God and to God, including sport and I want to show from football that the desire in people to worship and praise something extraordinary, something bigger than themselves is that hole in the soul which was made for God. You will not be truly happy until you realize your need for a Savior. He came to live and die for sinners in order to bring us to God. Heaven and Hell are realities. All men will die eventually and then it will be either everlasting joy or everlasting torment. My call is for believers to examine yourselves and go deeper with God. It is also for unbelievers to say to you that at 18 I was a young man who had what the world would call success and happiness and yet I had nothing because I didn't have Christ.

Consider this: Who is he?