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Shadows of the King

Shadows of the King: Pastoral Meditations from the Book of First Kings

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In the Christian church, First Kings is one of the sections of the Bible that is often neglected. For this reason, in the Fall of 2015, the pastors of Calvary Grace Church of Calgary, the church in which Gavin serves, decided to preach through the main sections of First Kings. Alongside their study for their sermons, they wrote a series of essays that have been compiled into an edited volume. The intention of the essays is to show the abiding relevance of the Holy Scriptures, and the ways in which even lesser known Old Testament texts are in fact part of “a tale of the Christ.” 

Gavin contributed two chapters, “David’s Succession: Lessons for Fathers” and "The Fall of Solomon: A Case Study". The volume can be downloaded for free in the links below.

Shadows of the King
By Clint Humfrey, Paul Toews, Terry Stauffer, Gavin Peacock, and Jeff Jones
ISBN- 9780994988218
Electronic book: 64 Pages
Publisher: Calvary Grace Church of Calgary
1st edition (December 2015)

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